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How to reach us

In summer

Grazerhütte in summer

By car

From the village Bad Mitterndorf you take the tollroad ´Tauplitzalm Alpenstrasse´  (€13,00 a car for max. 5 persons) to the Tauplitzalm. At the end of the so called ´Alpenstrasse´ you can park your car. Please note you can only drive to the hut to drop off you / pick up your luggage. We have no parking places available at the hut. The street to the hut is closed by a barrier. Please call us before, we will tell you how you can pass the barrier.

By feet: 

At the end of so-called 'Alpenstrasse' you will find on the left hand side a quint cottage. From there a small asphaltet street goes slightly uphill, which is closed by a barrier. From there you have to follow the signs 'Grazerhütte'. It´s a 30 minutes walk and the street is accessable for strollers. 

By bus

From the village Bad Mitterndorf, in winter and in summer, there is going a bus ahead the  'Alpenstrasse' to the end of this road at the Tauplitzalm, to the quint cottage with the big parking place.  For timetable and prices check out Bus Alpenstrasse.

By quad chair lift:

From the village Tauplitz with a quad chair lift. The chair lift is open from June 24th till. September 10th 2023 everyday, if there are good weather conditions, 8.30 - 12.00 am and 1.00 - 4.30 pm. 

In winter

Our snowscooter

By car

Take from Bad Mitterndorf the tollroad ´Tauplitzalm Alpenstrasse´ to the Tauplitzalm. From there we pick up with your luggage with our skidoo. Notice that in winter you have to pay for the parkinglot, between €4,00 - €5,00 a car a night. 

Please call us before so thatwaiting time is limited.

By bus

In Winter there is a bus between Bad Mitterndorf and the Tauplitzalm. For timetable and prices check out Bus Alpenstrasse.

Valid skipass = free bustranfer


How to find your way to the Grazerhütte:  Click on the map on the I-Pin and then 'Anfahrt Plannen'. Below the map you can enter your start point and calculate your route.

By train

You can easily take the train to Bad Mitterndorf / Tauplitz. See for further information  also: